What type of t-shirt printing is best?

Game t-shirts are an interesting gift and a way to promote different brands and products. Among the methods for obtaining T-shirts with promotional and gift prints, it is worth highlighting the main ones. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.
When choosing a printing method, the manufacturer focuses on two indicators: resistance to multiple washing, as well as the cost of manufacturing T-shirts.
Among the large number of methods worth paying attention to:

Printing on a printer

The work is based on the principle of inkjet distribution of paint. Usually a high temperature press or dryer is used. Effective technology for white T-shirts. A white backing is required when applying the photo to T-shirts of other colors. Such a function is implemented only in a small percentage of equipment, which costs a lot of money.

Advantages of the textile device:

The speed of preparation before printing;
On several T-shirts, different inscriptions can be applied in a short period;
High resolution photos.

The negative aspects of this method:
Expensive equipment;
The high price of one print: this includes the cost of ink, labor intensity when working with a printer, depreciation of equipment;
Slow application. Printing time may take up to 20 minutes depending on the size of the image;
Such a t-shirt will cost more than made in other ways. This method of printing on a T-shirt could be considered the best if it were not so expensive and slow.